Whether you are holidaying in Ireland or any other part of the world you will inevitably come across many day tour companies offering an array or tours and ways to see the sights. While there are some disadvantages to booking a day tour, like the tight scheduling involved, the advantages to travelling with a day tour company vastly outweigh the disadvantages.

Take In More Sights

All that scheduling and timekeeping pays off! If you were to rent a car, you have to navigate the roads and find the attractions for yourself which can be quite time consuming. Travelling with a day tour company you will be driven by professional who know the routes like the back of their hand. Plus it’s easy to lose track of time when at a spot and miss the opportunity to visit anything else during the day whereas day tour companies have everything down to a ‘T’ in order for you to get the most out of your time and money! For example, a day to the Cliffs of Moher with Day Tour Company doesn’t just take you to the Cliffs, you’ll also see the Baby Cliffs, the beautiful village of Doolin and many of the best sights that The Burren has to offer!  You will also enjoy a panoramic drive taking in Galway Bay and the Atlantic coast!


Renting a car can become quite expensive when travelling. Between the fuel costs and entry to many attractions, the bills can really start to add up! If you want to visit the Cliffs of Moher, fuel costs can really rack up the figures fast! Added to that the €6 per person car park entry fee and the relaxing visit to the Cliffs is starting to look a bit pricey! Travelling via public bus can cost alot, you will need to change and if you miss that last one home, there’s accommodation to add to that! If you travel with Day Tour Company on their Cliffs of Moher Day Tour from Limerick it will cost much less and not only do you get to see the Cliffs, but there are several more sights to be seen that day as well as being in the best of company with their friendly drivers/guides, talk about a bargain! You can also see destinations such as the Giants Causeway, Kilkenny or Belfast with day tour comapny, something that is entirely impossible to do using public transport and cost astronomical prices in fuel expenses if you were to attempt it in a rental car!

Bet a day tour company tour is sounding better and better right?