The Cork Day Tours Team

Some of the following is actually true

Ronan: El Maestro


A local Cork boy, Ronan spent his formative years exploring the Patagonian wilderness and may have been involved in a failed plot to overthrow the government of Paraguay. He then spent a while trying to start the French New Wave in Parisien cafés, only to find out that it ended thirty years ago. After being expelled from the Sorbonne for dissident activities, Ronan decided that his calling was with Day Tour Company. He is the Cork office’s master linguist and is fluent in French and Spanish, as well as a few Amerindian glottal dialects which once helped him secure a 15 person booking of indigenous Guarani for the Cliffs of Moher. When he’s not in our Washington Street or Bridge Street Day Tours offices taking your bookings, he can be found in University College Cork, where he teaches the odd Spanish class.

Goisa: The Marshall of Bridge Street

A naturalised citizen of Cork now having worked many years in the tourism sector, Goisa did not have an easy time of it when she first arrived. She was a stowaway on a cargo ship that travelled from Poland to Cork and Day Tour Company took her in and raised her as their own.
Goisa was also once voted Miss Lodz in the 2012 Rose of Tralee competition however she lost out to the Kilkenny Rose in somewhat dubious circumstances.
You will find Goisa in our Bridge Street office or else working in her capacity as a masseuse where she runs the Maldron Hotel Spa.

Dan the Lynch Mobster

 Considered a shady character by most media outlets, Dan is an established member of the Cork team and his affiliation with the Lynch Mob is musical as opposed to criminal (so he tells us). He is also a Cork local and we consider ourselves lucky that he’s come back to us after spending many years in the jungles of South East Asia. His time in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia was part of his research into what people really look for in a day tour. He lived among the rural Hmong mountain people of Burma, learning their dialect and their customs, all so that he can better spread the word about Day Tour Company. Unfortunately his results were inconclusive. Nowadays he spends his days doing what he truly loves, telling the world about all that Ireland has to offer. He’s considered a specialist in local Cork attractions and in its nightlife. If you’re lucky you’ll find him sitting by the fire in a quiet corner of the Oval Bar on a Tuesday night. He’ll be the man with the dark glasses and tin whistle.


Michal di Capreo

 So called for his striking resemblance to the star of Titanic, Michal is a local Day Tour legend. On first realising his close resemblance to Leo, we decided to send the actor a photo of Michal to offer him as a stunt double. Leo got back to us within a day with the following message:

You’re dead right! That lad looks the bop off me! Send him over to my gaff in LA.

Michal turned down his offer however, instead choosing to stay on with Day Tour Company doing what he does best, promoting Ireland and working as a Day Tour specialist. Among the team he is famed for his chirpy and positive attitude even on the earliest of morning shifts. Michal is heavily involved in Day Tour Company’s social media marketing strategy, having obtained a degree in marketing. We’re just praying that Hollywood doesn’t come knocking to take him away!