Fota Wildlife Park

Fota is Ireland’s only interactive wildlife Park. Unlike many large zoos, Fota gives you the opportunity to walk amongst the animals which inhabit this beautiful old country estate. It is situated only 15 minutes from Cork City Center and it is also a stop on our Day Tour Company, our bus service which also takes in Blarney Castle, Cobh and the Jameson Distillery. We highly recommend you stop here and not only admire the amazing array of wildlife in the park, but also take in the beautiful surroundings.


The first thing you are likely to notice is the wild zebras, bison, kangaroos, ostrich and giraffes that roam the artificial plains of the park. Some of the zebras are even so tame that you are allowed to give them a rub. Just across from these plains is the cheetah enclosure. Don’t worry they don’t run free around the park but they are very tame and are very used to the site of humans. If you are lucky you may even see the latest batch of cubs.
But not all of the animals in Fota are as tropical as these. Beyond the cheetah enclosure there are many polar animals to be seen, including penguins and seals. These guys are certainly the least shy in the park and will happily pose for photos. Again depending on the time of year you visit, you may get to see some baby penguins splashing about in the water, truly the cutest thing you are likely to see all year.

Just before you reach Fota’s restaurant, you will pass by the vast network of artificial islands designed to house the islands eleven different primate species including gibbons, red tailed lemurs and spider monkeys. These guys are very entertaining to watch when they get up to all sorts of mischief, just remember to watch your jewellery, their known for being a bit light-fingered ;).


If you are interested in visiting Fota Wildlife Park, our Day Tour Company is by far the best mode of transport. Not only will we take you there and collect you, but you will also receive a guide to Blarney, Cobh and the Jameson Distillery in Midelton. For all queries related to bookings, tour times, or even if you’d just like to know a bit more about any of the cool things to do while you’re in the beautiful county of Cork, pop into our Day Tours offices in Cork at 9 Bridge Street and 4 Washington Street, where our motto is leave it to us. 🙂