Whether you’re looking for a quiet snug to enjoy a local craft beer, or a lively atmosphere to dance the night away, look no further than Cork’s Heritage Pubs. This group of eight pubs all share the same rustic and warm design, allowing you to enjoy a mix of an old Irish pub in the heart of Ireland’s real capital of culture, an excellent way to relax after a Day Tour. We assure you that if you’re looking for a good night out in Cork, you won’t be disappointed with the Heritage Pubs, where the craic starts early and finishes late.

If you’re interested in hearing some of Ireland’s finest traditional music, then your first port of call should be An Sin É, Cork’s oldest pub. Just around the corner from our Bridge Street Tourist Office on Coburg Street, An Sin É is a lively little pub which will transport you to the Ireland of old and is a great place to enjoy a pint of locally brewed Mi Daza stout, while listening to a jig and a reel. You may think you’re in the heart of Killarney on your Day Tour, but no, you really are in the heart of Cork.

One of Cork’s most well known attractions is the Old English Market, and situated in the heart of it is The Mutton Lane, which can also be accessed from St. Patrick Street. It has the unique feature that it is situated in the heart of Cork City centre, but is completely secluded, almost hidden, from the hustle and bustle of this thriving hub. The perfect place to warm up in Cork’s frosty Winter nights.

Tucked away on South Main Street next to Bishop Lucy Park is The Oval. So secretive it’s hidden behind curtains. This pub truly is a gem. It’s got several small booths for those of you who are looking for privacy and if you’re lucky enough to get a space by the fire, there’s no better place in Cork to be.

Just up from The Oval is another heritage gem, The Vicarstown. This pub is very popular with our older Day Tour passengers. Along with two bars and a fully heated smoking garden, this pub has a truly unique atmosphere. Right next door is the latest addition to the Heritage Pubs, B.D.S.M. This is a hub of activity among Cork’s youth and has garnered fame as a hipster hotspot. For our younger Day Tour passengers and rock enthusiasts this is an absolute must.

Last but not least are the Crane Lane Theatre and Arthur Mayne’s Wine Bar. The Crane Lane has three rooms including a DJ set and a live music venue where you will see some of Cork’s best live acts every night of the week. This is Cork’s most popular pub and it appeals to people from all walks of life. Attached to the Crane Lane (‘The Crane’ for short) is Arthur Mayne’s. This fabulous little wine bar is a lovely spot to enjoy a glass of merlot with a board of cheese and humus, a perfect prelude to dance in the Crane.