The town of many names! Literally it has been called many things, before independence it was referred to as Queenstown, until the 1922 victory of Irish rebel forces in the Irish War of Independence, when it was renamed Cobh, meaning ‘cove’ in Irish. Situated just outside Cork City in the harbour, Cobh is one of Ireland’s most beautiful coastal towns. With a spectacular view of the wild Atlantic coast and a rich and varied history, it’s no wonder that millions of people flock here every year from around the world, that’s also why it’s one of our most popular Day Tour destinations.


Economically, Cobh was always an important port for commercial liners and pleasure cruisers. During the Great Irish Famine over 2.5 million people emigrated from Ireland to North America from Cobh, in all over 6 million Irish people left Ireland. As such Cobh’s importance to Irish history is immense. In 1912, Cobh harbour was the last port of call for RMS Titanic on her tragic maiden voyage, where 123 passengers boarded at Cobh, in search of a better life in North America. 44 made it off the boat alive. After Independence, Cobh’s importance didn’t fade. It’s strategic location had always been of vital importance to the British Navy and they were keen to hold onto them. Luckily for the Irish Government, they secured their return in 1938, just before the outbreak of the Second World War, in which Ireland remained neutral. Cobh is now the main base of the Irish Navy, and their fortifications can be seen from the promenade.

An essential part of our Cobh Day Tour is the Titanic Experience centre. Here, the White Star Line Ticket Office has been recreated exactly as it was in 1912 at the time of the sailing if the Titanic. There is exhibitions detailing the events of that fateful voyage which claimed the lives of over 1,500 people and biographies of all the local passengers and their reasons for leaving Ireland. A must see for anyone with an interest in Irish history.

As well as being a historically important harbour town, Cobh is also a place of splendid natural beauty. The architecture is similar in style to Cork’s old colonial quarters and the view of the bay is beautiful. Probably the best way to experience Cobh is with our Cobh Day Tour. As well as an informative guide to the town, we will also take you to the Titanic Experience centre. Along with this, you will have a chance to savour some of Cobh’s world famous sea food.